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     Customised products for the advertising market

We are specialized in the production of promotional products and deliver them all over Europe. Candies and Chocolates, Lollipops, Chupa Chups, Blister with candies, Water, 2d and 3d Chocolate, mints sachets, candy boxes, Smarties, ice creams, m&ms, biscuits, etc. - Express delivery

Our products have been manufactured by European food safety and
quality standards.

About us

Fotógrafo de comida

​One of our hallmarks​
We offer the best private label and contract manufacturing service. We have promotional items that meet the needs and budgets of our customers at the best level. The best value for money.

  • ​Made in Europa

made in europe.jpg

We take care of the whole production and distribution process by the highest quality standards to become the best possible partner for our customers.


A presence beyond trade fairs and events

We are present at the most important international fairs for promotional products
and communication professionals. We are also committed to being the best
European supplier in the promotional products industry.

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